Positive Quotes About Life

In a world that’s full of negativity, it’s really not easy to start your day with a positive mindset, let alone keep your cool at the end of the day. These negative ambiances can be brought about by people who can be mean at times, by things that don’t go as planned, or by disappointments [...]

Cute Love Quotes for Him

Men can be very serious too when it comes to the matters of love. When they want to win a woman’s heart, they do everything that they can to win her over. Sadly, some women take advantage of the fact that men would do everything for them. Don’t be that kind of girl. Instead, if [...]

Tagalog Quotes

Tagalog quotes that you will be able to relate to are seen everywhere. These tagalog love quotes may be sweet, sad, about love, or even funny. There are also those which are inspiring. They are the ones that deal about life all the time. There are also some which are meant for the broken hearted. Indeed, [...]

Patama Quotes

Patama Quotes are certainly the best way to express one’s frustrations when it comes to many things in life. It is a manner of associating the simple things with the melodramatic scenes of life, mostly about the frustrations about love, friendship, plastic na kaibigan, kabit, feeling mayaman, being tsismosa, etc. Chiefly from the Filipino word [...]