Tagalog Pick Up Lines

Tagalog pick up lines and hugot lines will always be the best conversation opener. You can use them if you plan to engage in a conversation involving a person who you are not very much familiar with. Most of the time, these tagalog pick up lines are utilized in romance or yes, dating. These can be overt in nature. They are also humorous. For sure, they would display your wit before the person you are eyeing for. Men are most likely to have a lot of these.

Ever since these tagalog pick up lines become popular, they have attracted the interest of many. They are straightforward and they never fail to open conversations. If they are applied in your introduction, knowing the interest of someone will not be difficult then. You can also have them as an instrument in flattering the person you want to pursue. What makes it different though is that you will be able to make such a humorous attempt. This will set you apart from others.

What are the examples of these tagalog pick up lines that you can utter as you stumble upon the person you like?

Some Tagalog Pick Up Lines you should always bring along

If you are meeting someone for the first time, there is a ton of tagalog pick up lines that you may want to experiment on. These are the following:

  • May lahi ka bang keyboard? Type kasi kita.
  • Sana Sabado na lang ako at ikaw ang Linggo, para ikaw ang kinabukasan ko.
  • Dilim ka ba? Kasi nung dumating ka, wala na akong makitang iba.
  • Mahilig ka ba sa tea? Kasi teanamaan na ata ako sa’yo.
  • Sana camera na lang ako, para ngingitian mo palagi ako.

The aforementioned pick up lines are good if you just met the person for the first time. First meetings can either be a make or break. What lies in this is the possibility of seeing the person again. However, if it is a fail, the other is going to occur. Of course, you will not like this. That is why these tagalog pick up lines may be considered once in a while. You can have them if you are nervous. Basically, they can be funny in setting the mood of a conversation you want to establish. You can also practice them as a way of creating a more meaningful bond between someone you want to be with.

Once you are through with the acquaintance stage, and you are now struggling to keep the person interested, there are also other tagalog pick up lines perfect for you. You can have any of these:

  • Panganib ka ba? Bakit? Kasi bumibilis ang tibok ng puso ko kapag nandyan ka.
  • Sana tsinelas nalang tayong dalawa, para kung nawala ang isa, hindi na pwedeng ipares sa iba dahil di na bagay.
  • Pwede ba kita maging driver? Para ikaw na magpapatakbo ng buhay ko.
  • Aanhin mo pa ang bahay niyo, kung nakatira ka na sa puso ko?
  • Lakwatsera ka ba? Kasi hanggang sa panaginip ko, napapadpad ka.

These tagalog pick up lines can be the best in the midst of keeping a particular connection between you and let us say, the girl you are trying to win. Do not get this wrong because aside from those funny lines, there are still tons of tagalog pick up lines you can choose from. Now, the challenge here is for you to make sure that they will be delivered uniquely. Be creative when it comes to this! Make sure there are variations. For example, instead of saying it all the time in person, why not write it on a post it and then give it together with a bouquet of flowers? That will surely be heart-warming.

Despite the given tips, there is caution that has to be taken here. If you are a novice, the last thing that you should do is resort to these hackneyed and standardized lines all the time. You should not put them in a form that is quite interrogative.

Regardless, if you find yourself crushing on someone and you really want to make sure that your presence is known, do not forget these tagalog pick up lines:

  • Philippines ka ba? Kasi it’s more fun kapag kasama kita!
  • Aabsent ako sa lahat ng klase ko, makapasok lang sa puso mo!
  • Ako na ang nag-iisang bobo sa buhay mo! Ang nag-iisang bobo-o sa buhay mo!
  • Barya ka ba? Kasi umaga pa lang, kailangan na kita!.
  • Taxi ka ba? Kasi habang patagal nang patagal, napapamahal ako sa iyo eh.

These given tagalog pick up lines can be said using new media and technologies. These may be smartphone applications as well as TV programs. There are even movies which have them all the time. With this, you can always update yourself.

Charming women should not be a problem then. Here are some more tagalog pick up lines you can channel in courting:

  • Ilog ka ba? Lunurin mo ako sa pagmamahal mo, para maangkin mo ang buhay ko.
  • Pag wala ka, buhay ko parang lapis na hindi pa natatasahan: Pointless.
  • Sana ako na lang ang birthday mo, para excited ka pag dumarating ako.
  • Alam mo ba kung gaano kita kamahal? Konti na lang. Bakit? Konti na lang, lalagpas na sa langit!
  • Hindi ka ba nabibingi? Pangalan mo kasi ang laging sinisigaw ng puso ko.
  • May butas ba sa puso mo? Kasi natrap na ako sa loob and I can’t find my way out.

To wrap this up, please remember that these pick up lines, no matter how good they may be, will be useless if you do not deliver them properly. Well, there may be an exemption for people who resemble Tom Cruise but since this does not happen a lot, it would not hurt to exert an effort once in a while. This should work. Starting today, find a way to make your pick up lines  work. This should be ideal!

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