Tagalog Quotes about Life

Are you wondering what the word “life” really means? Ever came to your curiosity what’s the concept within it? Ever asked why life is like this and like that? Well, stop your questions and look for an answer, try it in some tagalog quotes about life.

The concept “life” is indeed one of the most asked questions, most unanswered, for it is the most abstract idea. Yes, life itself. Every individual has their own point of view and perspective about answering the question about life. It differs from one religion and affiliation to another. Well, the easiest way to catch up with others in knowing the meaning of life is by knowing some tagalog quotes about life that you can apply to your everyday living and share with others.

Tagalog quotes about life is composed by many to put their experiences into words, to serve as our guide and warning to the life each and everyone of us will be taking. Let me give you some examples of them.

  • “Ang buhay, parang gulong, minsan nasa itaas ka, minsan naman ay nasa ibaba”,

For some, they consider life like a wheel, it continues rolling and rolling; the person who was once above, will soon fall down and the one who was below will soon rise up. Life is like a cycle, they say. This can be similar to the old teleserye in ABS-CBN, “Gulong ng Palad”. Well, this concept has been generated because of the word “luck”. Some without even having education instantly become rich, and some who are nice to everyone and even finished a degree, they are the ones who experience poverty.

Another similar tagalog quotes about life to this is, “Maikukumpara ang buhay sa  sugal, minsan panalo, minsan talo”. Yes, some consider it like a gamble, well, you just have to take the chances, who knows, maybe you’ll win this time!

  • Gamitin ang puso para alagaan ang kaibigan at pamilya mo at gamitin ang utak para sa sarili mo.”

Life is a battle of heart and mind, emotions and practicality, love and dreams. Well, the best way is to balance both, however, most of the times, uncontrollably, one dominates other. Well, one just have to have the right control of both to set things in equilibrium.

Here is  another tagalog quotes about life that can add up to our discussion.

  • Ang buhay, simple lang, kailangan mo lang ng mga tamang desisyon upang matahak mo ang landas mo. Masisira lang ito kapag imbes utak mo nagdedesisyon, ay puso na ang nagbibigay direksyon.

One sad truth is that when the heart decides, it sacrifices even what your mind most care about. It is the reason of the uprising number of early marriage nowadays. On the other hand, when the mind rules, the heart will be callous and lose its zeal, for short, it dehumanizes the humanity within. So? What now?

  • “May oras para sa lahat ng bagay, oras para gawin ang gusto ng magulang mo, at mas matagal na panahon para gawin ang gusto mo”

Being young and alive means also the desire to live life on our own. This desire includes disobeying our parents because we want to decide for our own. But kid, remember, what you are experiencing right now, the fun, the problems, they’d been there before, so just listen. They may sound absurd or they may seem not to understand you, but that’s okay. Because years from now, you’ll decide on your own, don’t wait for it until you tell them, “sana po, nakinig ako sa inyo, tama nga po kayo.” No parents want their child to be in danger.

  • “Mag-aral ka ng dalawapung taon, at sigurado, di ka maghihirap sa susunod na limampung taon at baka pati ang mga susunod pa sayo”

Some people associate life with education. Without it, your life is worthless, with it, enjoy everything to the maximum capacity. This is partly true, but not everything revolves around it. Indeed, education is the economic base of this era. Here is a quotation to convict the students to study, “Pag ikaw di nagaral mabuti, ano papakain mo sa mga anak mo? Sasabihan mo ng I LOVE YOU hanggang mabusog?”. Humorous, yet true. So, study and think for your future. Life is short, it’s worth living to the fullest!

  • “Nararapat lamang na mahalin ang tao at gamitin ang mga bagay, at wag na wag mong gagamitin ang tao dahil mahal mo ang mga bagay”

This is a danger for those who are living with silver spoon in their mouth. They tend to love things more than people, where the right one should be the other way around. This tagalog quote about life reminds those who can still be reminded that people are still more important than anything else. Don’t use them for your own profit, instead work together to gain more!

Without question, searching for the meaning of life is beyond all that are written. Nonetheless, these tagalog quotes about life somehow will give us the overview of what is life and the factors that reside in it. It’s hard to accept that some things are beyond our comprehension, like life, but don’t be sad about it, instead do something that will let you enjoy the things that life is offering us.

For some, life is good. For others, it is unfair. Some says “life is worthless, it’ll end anyway”. Some others say, “life is wonderful, you just have to live it right”. How about for you? What is life for you?

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