Tagalog Quotes for Broken Hearted

Most of these hugot lines and tagalog quotes for broken hearted were meant for individuals who are going through rough times in their relationship. Indeed, it would not hurt to read  hugot lines and tagalog love quotes for broken hearted if you are in the midst of mending your torn apart self. To deal in the said situation is not easy. It is downright painful. There are even times when you would feel really helpless and this can be an awful period of life. Regardless, you will pass through it. With the help of these various hugot and tagalog quotes for broken hearted as words of wisdom, you may be able to get up again.

As mentioned, there are various tagalog quotes and hugot lines for broken hearted to draw strength from. What are these?

  • Kung hindi ka na talaga niya mahal at alam mong hindi ka na niya kayang mahalin, wag nang umasa pa. Ang dami na ngang tanga, dadagdag ka pa?

At the bottom of your heart, you should know when to stop and give up. If you have exerted everything, but is still left hanging, then maybe it is about time. There are relationships not worth fighting for. It will no longer work if you are the only one trying to save it. Do not be too blinded. Learn from these hugot lines for broken hearted.

  • Darating din ang araw na magmamahal ka at hindi na luluha, darating din ang tao na magpaparamdam sayo kung gaano kasarap at kasaya ang magmahal at mahalin. Konting tiis at tiyaga lang.

This is a realization that you should come to eventually. After wallowing on the hurt and pain for quite some time, you should also think about moving on with your life. Most tagalog quotes for broken hearted would tell you that. You can start this by believing in your heart that a more deserving person is yet to come. It would ask for your patience but that should not be too much. The right person, as cliché as it may sound, will eventually come in your life when you least expect it. This is the promise waiting after all the suffering.

  • Hindi lahat ng nagmomove-on kakabreak lang, yung iba kakatanggap lang na hindi magiging sila nung taong gusto niya.

You may be looking for tagalog quotes for broken hearted like this because you are still trying to ease the situation. Moving on does not happen the moment you have broken up, or separated from the person who used to matter the world to you. There are times when this does not transpire right away. That should be fine. Moving on may also be the case for those people who have settled to the fact that the person they like will no longer like them back. If you are at this point right now, maybe it’s time to rest your heart for a while.

  • Huwag mong ipanalangin na bumalik ang taong nang-iwan sa ‘yo. Ang ipanalangin mo ay bumilis ang oras, para makita mo na ang dahilan kung bakit hindi siya para sa’yo.

This may be hard to do. Letting go of the person you love so much is not as easy as it sounds like. Regardless, there is a promise that you will be able to move on. Starting a new one is a great way to get there. The least thing you can do is linger on what is keeping you down. That is why instead of praying for the said person to go back to you, you may make use of your time by believing that everything has a reason. It may be an opportunity for you to discover what life has in store for you. Make the most of this chance to find yourself too! Through this you will be able to love without restrictions and hesitations! By using these tagalog quotes for broken hearted, you will definitely learn!

  • Noon minahal ka niya. Akala mo forever pero iniwan ka rin niya. Pinipilit mong ibalik ang noon pero hindi mo kaya. Sino ngayon ang manhid? Siya dahil hindi niya maramdamang mahal mo siya? O ikaw kasi hindi mo matanggap na ayaw na niya?

These hugot quotes for broken hearted should serve as an eye opener to everyone that in keeping a relationship, there should be a conscious effort between the two parties involved. You cannot just be the only person hurting, up to the point that it makes you numb of the pain already. You must be looking at the future without trying to mix it all with the past. This is what going to pull you back and it will never be an answer to your moving on with life.

  • May mga taong darating sa buhay natin at mag-iiwan ng marka. Kapag nangyari yun, hindi na ulit magiging katulad ng dati ang lahat.

At the end of the day, you should understand that everything is not about being holding grudges on where your relationships have brought you. These tagalog quotes for broken hearted should be a constant reminder that even if the pain may leave a mark on your heart, your life would still go on. It should only be a warning sign so that you can be cautious next time you plan to give your heart again.

  • Ang tunay na kaligayahan at kalungkutan ay parehas nagmumula sa pagmamahal.

Loving is a risk. Even if you guard your heart, there is no assurance that you will not get hurt anymore. With this in mind, you have no other option but to follow it. Jump off the cliff and be brave to know the answers. After all, this is the only way to find real happiness. If you will only sit down there and put up great walls around yourself, you are going nowhere. This is for sure! Do not ever lose the faith!

You must be reading this because you are trying to survive a heartbreak right now. For whatever it is worth, please take the chance to really reconnect with yourself! This will help you in coping with the changes!

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