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Any person who does not stumble upon hugot lines or quotes, no matter how random may be, must be living under a rock because hello – they are literally everywhere. They become so inevitable that tagalog hugot lines are found on Facebook, Twitter, text messages and daily conversations. They are channeled to when you least expect them. Basically, people who are fond of using them are accused of going through something. It is like a way for them to give off subtle hints that they are in the midst of let us say, ‘situation.’

It is just right to say that people who cannot say their thoughts outwardly would most likely resort to tagalog hugot lines all the time. This is how some deal with their fears of self-expression. This is a way of telling what they have been trying to hide. What makes this interesting is that it could be done with humor and wit. That is what most tagalog hugot lines are known for.

If you are here, you are probably looking for the right tagalog hugot lines. Here are some examples you can direct in a conversation just in case you will be needing one.

People do not share the same fate when it comes to love. There are those who are considered ‘lucky,’ while some are still in the venture to the unknown. Regardless, there are tagalog hugot lines perfect for them. Take note of these:

  • Ang pag-ibig parang harutan, minsan hindi mo maiiwasang masaktan.
  • Hindi ka tanga kung nagmamahal ka nang sobra. Mas tanga ang taong minamahal na nga, pero nakukuha pang maghanap ng iba.
  • Mas okay na ang mahulog sa mabahong kanal, kaysa naman sa taong hindi ka naman mahal.

The given tagalog hugot lines are perfect if you are in the midst of professing your love to someone. They can be the best when it comes to telling someone you care, or that you are interested without sounding too direct.

As a line from a song goes, love is not always rainbows and butterflies. If by any chance, you are still assessing if you are in the verge of being put in the friend zone lane, here are the tagalog hugot lines you can draw strength from:

  • Bakit pag siya, call, sa’kin text? Pag siya laugh, sa’kin smile? Siya ‘take care,’ sa’kin ‘okay.’ Bakit siya, love mo – ako friend lang?
  • Wala ng sasakit pa kung hind maging kaibigan lang sa taong mahal mo. Hindi mo alam kung saan ka lulugar. Bakit? Anong karapatan mo? Kaibigan ka lang di ba?
  • Kahit anong gawin mo, kung kaibigan lang ang turing niya sa iyo, huwag ka na umasa. Dahil kung umasa ka, ikaw lang ang masasaktan.
  • Hindi sapat na mahal mo siya, hindi sapat na kailangan mo siya, dahil isa ka lang kaibigan para sa kanya.
  • Simple lang naman ang kailangan mong gawin kung ayaw mong masaktan. Iwasan mo ang magmahal ng taong alam mong kaibigan lang ang turing sa iyo.

The given hugot lines are perfect if you feel like you are being friend zoned. You can use them as a realization too. You deserve someone better. That is for sure. Draw inspiration from them and try to move on with life sans bitterness.

If there are hugot lines for people who have been friend zoned, there are also some for the broken hearted. Check these out:

  • Huwag kang umasa na babalik pa siya, kung nasa piling na siya ng iba.
  • Minsan may mga taong iniiwasan mong pansinin pero ang puso mo gustong-gusto siyang kumustahin.
  • Kung ayaw mong masaktan, huwag kang papatol sa alam mong expert sa kalokohan.
  • Kapag iniwan ka niya, hindi ibig sabihin nun hindi ka niya mahal. Baka sadyang may pagkukulang ka lang na hindi mo kayang mapunan.
  • Minsan hindi na sapat ang salitang ‘sorry.’ Dapat laging may kasamang pagbabago yan.

There are also tagalog hugot lines which are commonly thrown out by those who want to make shady statements.

  • Hindi ako tamad. Sadyang masipag lang akong magpahinga.
  • Ang daling matulog, ang hirap bumangon. Ang daling mahulog, ang hirap mag move on.
  • Hindi ka magiging masaya kung patuloy mong babalikan ang tapos na.
  • Ang hirap bitawan nung taong kahit hindi kayo, siya yung nagpapasaya at kumukumpleto ng araw mo!
  • Hindi lahat ng patama tungkol sa’yo, sadyang natatamaan ka lang kasi!

What is funnier is that there are also hugot lines coming from our favorite Filipino movies of all  time. Listed below are the most remarkable:

Who will ever forget that one hugot line from Milan that goes, “Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako? O kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako?,” this is a good question to ponder on once in a while. The intention of people in our lives can be confusing sometimes. It should not be a bad idea to clear it out once in a while.

If there is one hugot line that tops off  all of these hugot lines from movies known to many, it would be that from Popoy in One More Chance. Who would ever forget, “She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. A binalewala mo lang ang lahat ng iyon.” This confrontation would be remarkable. This is the perfect hugot line to utter if you are still in the midst of choosing between two people in your life. This is also a favorite by those who still cannot get over their ex.

“Diyan ka magaling e! Magaling ka magpaasa,” this line is from One More Try and it is ideal to those who are still clinging to the hope that one day, they will be able to be with the person that they love. It may sound bitter at first but hey! That is what these hugot lines have always been.

Hugot Lines Pa More !

  • Kung nagalit man ako nang walang dahilan, pasensya na. Nasaktan kasi ako nang wala kang alam.

For those who are at limbo in relationships – meaning, those who are not less than friends but also not more than lovers – these are the kind of tagalog hugot lines that would suit them. There will come a time that when one mingles with other people, the other would get hurt or jealous for such reason. But because their relationship is not official, none of them have the right to demand for appease from each other.

  • Nakangiti ako hindi dahil masaya ako. Ngumiti talaga ako para patunayan sa’yo na nandyan ka man o wala, itutuloy ko ang buhay ko.

At every end of relationship, it only puts a conclusion to what both the person shared with each other. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world as for some who have gone through tough heartbreaks desperately interpret. The best way to deal with heartbreaks is to deal with it no matter how hard it can be. In the end, people should move on with their lives because there’s still so much more in life to be grateful for.

  • Ang sorry ay para sa mga bagay na hindi sinasadya. At hindi para sa mga bagay na paulit-ulit na ginagawa.

This one is definitely for the people who tend to stay in an abusive relationship – be it emotionally or physically. An abused person tends to stay hoping that their partner would somehow change. Unfortunately, the abuser would do the same offenses all over again and this is exactly what promotes the vicious cycle of their abusive relationship. To save such relationship, it is either that the abused learns to set specific boundaries once and for all or the abuser learns to overcome his or her abusive habits.

  • Kapag nangako at di mo tinupad, hindi dapat pangako ang tawag doon. Dapat PAASA. – Vice Ganda

With the matters of the heart, one of the things that sever a relationship is a broken promise. Regardless the sayings that ‘promises are meant to be broken’, people who make promises should do their best to keep their word. Doing so would definitely develop trust since we know that trust is one of the strong foundations in a relationship. So, it is either you stick to your promises or don’t make any at all.

  • Hindi sapat ang yaman para ibigin ang isang tao .Ang pag-ibig ay nararamdaman, hindi binibili. – Lola Nidora

True love can never be bought with a price. It is priceless. True that, on a case-by-case basis, one can avail a person’s (in desperate need) time, company and even physical service, sadly so. However, love can never be forced nor swayed, even by money or power. One that is, is artificial and one-sided. True love actually manifests between two willing hearts, regardless their differences or whatever hindrances come their way.

  • Kapag mahal mo, ipaglaban mo. Pero kung pinagmumukha ka nang tanga, iwan mo na.

When it comes to fighting for the one you love, there’s a fine line between martyrdom and stupidity. Martyrdom is when you fight for the one that’s worth fighting for and values your efforts regardless the hindrances that comes your way. However, stupidity is when you tend to give everything without saving a little love for yourself to a person who is not even worth fighting for. These are the kinds of people who make a fool out you and take you for granted.

  • Sa LOVE, walang bingi, walang bulag, walang pipi. Pero TANGA marami.

Probably one of the most straightforward and timeless tagalog hugot lines on earth, this one portrays how a person can become strategically impaired – i.e. stupid – when it comes to love. It goes to show that when people become in love, they tend to do things that are out of the unthinkable, and some overseers sometimes interpret this as stupidity; some, as a courageous act. Either ways, love is for a good cause. It is not meant to make a fool out of anyone.

These are just some of the hugot lines you can channel once in a while. Do not limit yourself to these. You can also create your own!

May kwento ka ba or experience na gusto ibahagi sa ating mga readers? It could be confessions, rants, problems, etc. It could be about your loved ones, secret crushes, family, friends, schoolmates, classmates, etc.

E-mail your stories to  secrets[at] tambayology.com .

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