Patama Quotes

Patama Quotes are certainly the best way to express one’s frustrations when it comes to many things in life. It is a manner of associating the simple things with the melodramatic scenes of life, mostly about the frustrations about love, friendship, plastic na kaibigan, kabit, feeling mayaman, being tsismosa, etc. Chiefly from the Filipino word “patama” which means veiled hints, patama quotes are basically hidden meanings within a certain joke or aphorism. You have to be sensitive in order to decode the real meaning behind the words and further understand what these quotes are saying. These quotes are altogether fun and intriguing to talk about that is why a lot of them have been flooding the social media websites.

Some patama quotes are meant to be funny as it’s a way of the Filipino culture to laugh at problems most often than not. Check out some of the best patama quotes that we have here for you.

  • Kung pwede lang itapon lahat ng mga kaibigan ko sa dagat, matagal ko na sanang ginawa para lumutang kung sino talaga ang mga plastic.

Fake friends are compared to plastic garbage which, when is thrown into the sea, floats onto the surface and is therefore easily identified as a plastic material. It’s normal for a person to want to know which among his/her friends is plastic or fake when it comes to friendship, which is why the silly feeling of throwing them all into the sea can’t be helped sometimes, just to identify which are real friends and which aren’t.

  • Sa panahon ngayon joke na ang totoo, promise na ang panloloko.

This is one of the epic patama quotes which talk about the irony of promises. The only real things being held in reserve today aren’t promises anymore but infidelity and lies. Furthermore, jokes today tend to be even truer than promises. This quote is meant to humor a broken heart but such a funny quote is also meant to give a lesson to people not to entrust their hearts to someone so easily.

  • Huwag mong ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo sa taong ayaw naman sa yo. Tandaan mo. Hindi ka SARDINAS!

A person who is desperate for the acceptance of the one s/he loves is being distinguished from a can of sardines. We all know that a can of sardines has very little to no extra space at all if you plan on putting extra stuff in there. Be reminded that you are a person and not a sardine, so you must stop from forcing yourself into someone’s life, especially if the person doesn’t feel the same way.

  • Sa pag-ibig, walang pangit, walang maganda, gwapo, payat o mataba. Pero KABIT, marami.

Here’s another humorous sayings about love. These kinds of patama quotes are usually posted by people who have dealt with third parties, usually by wives that have been cheated on by their husbands. Love considers no physical differences however, when love is misinterpreted by the meaning “to love many’, the result can be devastatingly heartbreaking, as some men consider having a lot of mistresses, hence the word “kabit”.

  • Hindi lahat ng katotohanan ay kailangang patunayan. Hindi rin lahat ng kasinungalingan ay kayang pagtakpan.

These patama quotes basically talk about the real value of truth. Truth can never be kept veiled for so long. It will eventually conspire and unfold itself. As it has been said in many wise sayings, the truth will always prevail. As for lies, things just cannot be forever fabricated. All masks of lies will eventually wither and the truth shall come to the surface. Time always unveils all things.

  • Bakit ka ba maglilihim kung pwede mo naman sabihin. Hindi kung kailan huli na ang lahat , saka mo aaminin.

This one is much like an advice from a great friend by someone who is having a dilemma about his/her hidden feelings of endearment for someone special. In a rhetorical manner, a question is asked for the reason why s/he wouldn’t make his/her feelings known. Seizing once in a lifetime moments matter. So, don’t hesitate to embrace the feeling of being in love and pursue the person that you want.

  • Ang ampalaya ay ginugulay. Hindi inuugali.

An ampalaya or a bitter gourd is a kind of bitter vegetable that is supposed to be eaten and certainly not a kind of attitude that anyone has to put up with. Many people basically dislike bitter people who have harsh mouths and foul attitudes, and this sarcastic yet frank quote is meant to simply try and tell bitter people to drop the bitter mood in a tidbit funny way.

  • Ang tunay na mayaman, nagtitipid. Ang “feeling mayaman”, gumagastos magmukha lang mayaman.

There are two kinds of people: one who is rich and one who pretends to be rich. A rich person is said to be wise when it comes to dealing with finances. S/he doesn’t simply spend money but saves as well. On the other hand, the one who pretends to be rich won’t think about saving money at all. Instead, s/he will spend what little s/he has just to get his rich image in the picture.

  • Lahat ng tao ay nagkakamali pero huwag mo namang gawing excuse yun para gumawa ng kasalanan.

This quote is a wakeup call for people who repetitively make mistakes on purpose. This scenario is evident in many relationships today where the guy is caught red-handed and held guilty of infidelity for so many times around and yet the girl still forgives him. Yes, indeed, to err is human, but you shouldn’t make that an excuse to make the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Huwag mo akong ikumpara sa ex mo dahil kung mas ok sya, e di sana kayo pa.

Comparison is inevitable when it comes to dealing with new relationships. However, constantly reminding your partner about how your ex was or how you wish your present partner could’ve been more like your ex could seriously damage your relationship more than you think. The point is that if you really are still all about your ex, it seems kind of ironic why it didn’t work between the two of you.

  • Ang mga tsismosa, hindi pa nila alam ang buong istorya pero sa kanila may ending na.

This quote is intended for all the tsismosas out there. Tsismosa (tsismoso for male version) is a Filipino term for gossipers. It sheds light to the ill-attitude of people who love to make scandalous rumours in a hilarious way. Gossipers these days always tend to have a conclusion or an ending to a story of which they haven’t even heard fully about before. It’s a really funny quote but is in fact true in real life.

  • Hanapin mo yung taong kahit lagi mong inaaway ng walang dahilan, hindi ka pa rin iniiwan dahil naiintindihan nyang tinotoyo ka lang.

There are patama quotes that are also hilarious yet sweet and talks about relationships, like this one. You must settle for someone who sees the craziest version of you and yet still manages to stick with you. These are the kind of people whom regardless that you pick on or get angry at for no apparent reasons still try their best to understand you. This simply means that they love you unconditionally despite them seeing you at your worst.

These patama quotes are generally a witty way to deliver laughter and wisdom all at once. Send your friends some of these epic quotes and it’ll surely make their day.

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