Sweet Tagalog Quotes

If you want to brighten your day, these sweet tagalog love quotes may be just for you. This compilation should make you feel the wonders of loving and being loved. It is not a secret how amazing love is. Once it is in your life, or once you are in love, smiling will come out naturally. This is also the time when the butterflies in your stomach rumble. This will inspire you to wake up each morning because the reality will be way better than your dreams.

In loving, expression through sweet tagalog quotes is not bad after all. You just utter words of wishes so that your special loved ones would know how his or her presence is appreciated. This has to be done once in a while. It is true that there are people out there who are not very much expressive of their affection. Despite that, the exchange of sweet affirmations should happen once in a while. This may sound cliché but it is crucial to make sure that the spark is kept as time goes by.

If you are one of these people who cannot seem to put into words what you want to say to someone, here is a heartwarming choices of sweet tagalog quotes you can ponder upon. Any of these can be used as a way of expressing what you are feeling.

  • Alam mo ba yung salitang pagmamahal? Hindi ko yan pinag-aralan pero sa’yo ko yan natutunan.

Nobody teaches us how to love. It just happens. It is intuitive. It occurs naturally and as a song goes, it moves in mysterious ways. Ways beyond explanations and human understandings. Once in a while, it would not hurt to tell your special loved one how he or she has the same effect on you with this one of sweet tagalog quotes. You can never teach your heart who or how to love. You just do it. For most of the time, you will just follow your instinct and you have no other option but to discover where your heart will take you.

  • Ang bilis mahalin ng mga taong kapareho natin ng gusto. Pero, ang tunay na pagmamahal ay nasusubok sa pagmamahal sa isang taong halos kasalungat natin.

Falling in love with people who we share the same interest with is an easy process to deal with. However, accepting someone who is very much different from us is a different story. This is when acceptance comes in. This is the most securing kind of all. If you find yourself pursuing a different path from that of a special person you treasure dearly, do not forget to tell him or her this example of sweet tagalog quotes. It is vital that you give these words of security.

  • Kahit magkalayo man tayo, lagi mong tandaan na ikaw pa rin ang laging laman ng puso ko dahil sa’yo ito nakatadhana.

This is one of sweet tagalog quotes which suits those lovers who are away from each other. If your special someone is working abroad, or if he or she in a distant, this would work perfectly for the both of you. Indeed, love sees no boundaries. It does not matter where you may be, for you have already found home in each other. While it is true that this is one of the most challenging situations there is, you must stay strong and believe in your heart that you are doing this for the better.

  • Kahit ilang beses pa man akong masaktan dahil sa’yo, hindi kita iiwan. Hindi ako susuko dahil mas maraming dahilan upang manatali ako at hindi ka iwan.

This sample of sweet tagalog quotes goes out to those who are going through difficult times right now. The truth is that nobody is exempted from this. It would always happen and everyone is somehow subjected to experience it. Since storms may come in the life of people, both should hold on to the promise of love. There may be reasons to quit but there are so many reasons to pursue the love too. Weigh on that and that should determine where your relationship will go.

  • Hindi ko naman kailangan ng perpektong tao na mamahalin ako. Ang kailangan ko ay isang tao na handa akong mahalin ng buong buo, kahit na hindi ako perpekto.

Gone were the days when love was too superficial and surreal to handle. Humans are always with flaws. And if you have found someone who you can love without being bothered about those imperfections, or if it is the other way around, if you can love someone without looking at his or her shortcomings in life, that is when you know that you have fallen. It is normal to have insecurities in life. This feeling is inevitable. Do not forget to tell your loved one or special someone that any of such does not matter to you. By saying sweet tagalog quotes synonymous to this, you will be able to give that sense of security that is a foundation of a strong relationship.

  • Tunay na walang permanente sa mundong ito. Darating ang panahon na ang lahat ay magbabago. Maraming araw ang lilipas. Ngunit ganoon pa man, mayroong isang hindi magbabago – ang pagmamahal ko sa’yo.

Everything changes. It may transpire in just a blink of an eye. This reality of life should be expected. It may be difficult to predict what lies ahead, it may be really scary at time. Even if that is the case, you should not shy away in assuring the person that you love that nothing will change no matter what time may bring you. As a matter of fact, you must make sure that you face every change in life together. This is how you grow together.

There are still many sweet tagalog quotes that you can choose from. You will never ran out of one. Each and every one of us has a romantic side within ourselves. This is the perfect time to make your loved ones smile!

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  • celine Link

    kahit pakiramdam ko,ayaw mo nasa akin ,pero ikaw pa rin Ang gusto ng puso ko,
    sana bago mapagod Ang puso kung mahalin ka ,marealize mong may nagpapahalaga sayo katulad ko