Sad Tagalog Quotes

Little do lots of people know that there are many individuals out there who read sad tagalog quotes whenever they are heart broken. They do this so that they can deal with the process. They take this as an opportunity to embrace the situation. While no one can dwell on life’s negativity for a long time, it would not hurt to examine what everything is really about through sad tagalog quotes. This may serve as a brief relief.

What are the most therapeutic sad tagalog quotes you can draw strength from in the midst of a heart shattering experience?

  • Mahirap umiyak dahil sa sakit na nararamdaman, pero mas mahirap tumawa para lang ipakita na hindi ka nasasaktan.

We all have our vulnerable moments. No one is exempted. At one point, a person will have to deal with this. You do not have to put on a facade by acting like you are okay when you really are not. If you feel like crying, then do so. That will not make you less of a person. Take your time and unload if you may. This has been suggested by so many sad tagalog quotes out there.

  • Hindi mawawala sa buhay ng tao ang masaktan. Dahil dyan nagiging matatag ka at natututo ka sa mga bagay bagay.

Hurting is a part of life. As a song goes, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. The reality to this is still to be accepted. When you love, you are taking the risk to just put your love out there, out in the open. You may never know if it is going to be worth your time if you will not give your best. And in doing so, you are also preparing yourself to get hurt. There is a big chance for it too. This is inevitable. Regardless, you have to stay strong. You have to be resilient because that is when you learn.

  • Minsan kailangan mong ilabas lahat ng sama ng loob mo, para malaman nilang hindi unlimited ang pasensya mo.

This example of sad tagalog quotes is true in so many levels. If you are allowed to cry, you should not forget that venting on what bothers you is not prohibited to. You are entitled to this. This will help you in handling the situation. You are encouraged to observe maximum tolerance. But if you find yourself running out of hope and patience, give yourself that moment. Then, move on. That is how it has always been.

  • Kahit na hindi mo balikan ang nakaraan, babalik at babalik ng kusa iyan hangga’t hindi mo binibitawan.

As said, we should all give our time linger on the pain for a little while. However, we are all expected to move on. This is easier said than done though. There are times when letting go of our bad experience is the hardest. There are times when we even lie to ourselves because of this. We try to convince everyone that we are already okay but the truth is that, the hurt still bothers us. If this still happens to you after going through pain, it only means that you have not let go of the situation yet. You should take time for this. There are many sad tagalog quotes that can help you cope in the pain.

  • Hindi mawawala ang nararamdaman mo para sa kanya kung patuloy ka pa ring umaasa.

The truth is that hope can be fatal. Many hold on to it because of the promise it brings. However, it may also mislead us. If you are trying to forget someone, make sure to do it at all cost. Do not reserve any space for hope there. If you will hold on to that little possibility, it will spoil the life that you are supposed to be having. You deserve more than this too. This is why there are many sad tagalog quotes in which you may base your motivation from. You should not hold on to something you are uncertain of.

  • Ang pinakamasakit na goodbye ay hindi pa naririnig ng tenga mo, pero nararamdaman na ng puso mo.

This is one of the most relatable sad tagalog quotes there is. There will come a point in our lives when we will realize that a relationship is no longer worth pursuing. You will try to hold on to a plausibility only to find yourself in a harder situation. If you can already feel your relationship falling apart, do not just live by instinct. Go for an affirmation. You will need this instead of assuming occurrences you are not even sure of. You deserve this for your peace of mind. Nothing can be more painful than a goodbye that is not heard but felt.

  • Minsan kahit gaano pa siya kahalaga, kailangan mo na siyang iwan.

Do not get this wrong. This is not as if you are giving up already. However, there are just relationships not worth keeping. This is perhaps one of the reasons why sad tagalog quotes are created. In order for a relationship to work, two people are expected to make a conscious effort. If you are the only person trying to save your special someone, then that will just test your sanity. Love is not supposed to be complicated. It should naturally bring out the goodness in us. If this is not happening to you, it is about time you did something.

The use of sad tagalog quotes in the lives of people who are going through something is beyond compare. From this, motivation is promised. This may encourage everyone who is hurting to do valuable undertakings in their lives. This may also work for status. This reflects the feeling of a person in a particular time. There is nothing wrong in taking such moment. This may also serve as a reminder. It is a reminder that whatever is occurring in your life, it will pass. You will be able to smile again.

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    Wag na wag mong bibitawan ang isang tao dahil nakilala mo siyang madaming pinag dadaanan, binigay ka ni God sakanya para damayan siya hindi mas saktan siya.

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    Hindi lahat ng tao masaya, masaya sila pero may tinanago sa loob nila na ayaw nila e share sa iba.

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    Minsan may mga bagay na hindi mo maintindihan pero kailangan mong pakinggan.

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    It was so beautifull so many hugots are touching my heart

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