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Every person deserves, a sweet word from another just as every friend needs a sugary quotation, some tagalog friendship quotes, to strengthen your bond together, and express one’s love for each other.

Have you found your significant other? No, I’m not referring to the person destined for you, but somebody more than that. Have you met the person who’ll stand with you forever? No. I’m not talking about your shadow but someone who’ll be there for you no matter what. Have you seen the man who’ll remove the tears from your eyes and revenge for you? Definitely, I’m not talking about your father but someone who’ll protect you and your feelings more than anyone else.

Well, indeed, I’m talking about a “FRIEND”, who was once a stranger then unexpectedly became a part of your being. Let me ask you again. Did you find your friend already? If not, be patient, he’ll/she’ll come. If yes, well, sending them some tagalog friendship quotes is a good act of starting the day!

In a Filipino perspective, friends or most commonly known as “barkada”, are staple ingredients in our daily lives. Indeed, without it, life would be mere plain. No excitement and no fun. Nowadays, one’s friends are addressed as “bok”, “tol”, “prenship”, “pren” and the latest, “dre”. Innovations about such addresses are continually evolving to express one’s creativity with “friendship”.

Here are some tagalog friendship quotes that you can share with your friends, maybe in a form of a joke or even of a serious one. If you haven’t found them, yet, this can be your inspiration.

  • Paano kung hawak mo ang kamay ng bestfriend mo at kamay ng mahal mo? Tapos napuwing ang mata mo, sinong bibitawan mo? Kamay ng mahal mo o kamay ng bestfriend mo?”

A question that weighs the “which is which” between the person who captures your heart and the person who resides inside for a long time. This question is debatable for it differs depending on the beholder. One can answer this through their definition of “friends” and “boyfriends/girlfriends”.

  • Kung nalulunod ka at ang mahal ko, at isa lang ang maari kong sagipin, sorry ha, at uunahin ko yung mahal ko, pero wag ka magaalala, babalik ako sayo, di para sagipin, pero upang malunod kasama mo”.

This is one of the  tagalog friendship quotes that shows the importance of friendship over boyfriend/girlfiend.In a relationship, there is a word “break”, but in friendship, fights may occur, but “break”, nahh, I don’t think so.

  • “Kung ang isang kaibigan ay may tagprice, ikaw siguro ang pinakamahal, pero hayaan mo, magiipon ako para mabili kita at makasama”

As the tagalog friendship quotes above stated, no matter how expensive a friend maybe, your true friends will always find all the means just to make money and buy you. In other words, no matter how moody, how imperfect and how incomprehensible you are, your real friends will always be there for you, despite the things you’ve done in the past, they’ll always forgive you, forget your mistakes as if nothing has happened.

  • “Adik at loko ako, walang alam sa buhay, walang direksyon, pero hanep, kapag lang may nagpaiyak sayo, pupuntahan kita, pagkatapos kong barilin ang gago.”

Cool indeed, funny how your friends are willing to stain their hands with blood just to give you justice and revenge. Well, stereotypically speaking, this is where the concept of “fraternity” or “brotherhood” originated. Of course, considering your friends as your siblings will bring out your concern for them drastically. Being with your true friends will undoubtedly brings us the sense of “security” at “protection”.

  • “Maaring hindi ako yung “the best” sa paningin mo, maaring isa lang ako sa isang daang kaibigan mo, pero ang hindi maari ay yung iwan kita, lalo na kapag kailangan mo ng makakasama”

One sad fact about friendship is when one is callous enough not to feel that you are there for him/her, it is painful when despite all the efforts, still, you are the least priority. However, that is life, if you really love your friends, you’ll endure those hardships and wait that someday, they’ll realize.

  • “Simple lang akong friend, kung sa prutas, saging lang ako. Di tulad ng iba na apples, grapes at oranges. Gayunman, tandaan mo lang na sa lahat ng prutas, saging lang ang may puso”.

These tagalog friendship quotes imply the same thought.Out of your hundreds of great friends, there’ll always be some who will remain true to you.

  • “Nakakaloko kapag crush mo friend mo, di mo malaman kung paano itatago, dedma pag nangungulit, wala lang pag lumalalapit, pero alam mo yung pag naglalambing at nais mo ng sabihin na “Tama na! Pwede ba? Naiinlove ako”.

Sad, but true, sometimes, strange feelings towards your friend, somewhat distorts the essence of friendship. On the other face, it produces the best kind of love. A love that started from friendship can be called, “true-love”, if you’re really not destined for each other, anyway, for sure, it’ll last long. It is a matter of taking chances. Will you gamble love over friendship? or the other way around?

Sometimes, in a relationship, particularly in “FRIENDSHIP”, doing something new, like being sweet, is something that will move the heart of your friends. Yeah, it’s a bit corny, however, it’s healthy! Telling them some tagalog friendship quotes will make your friendship elevate in all aspects.

Nothing is greater than having a friend. A person who’ll stand by your side and stick closer than a brother. Truly, “a friend loves at all times”.

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